Charge Entry

Capture Billing services a variety of medical specialties. We will post, review and submit all office charges, hospital visits, surgeries, and diagnostic and laboratory tests, to ensure accuracy, completeness and proper coding.

Client Support

Round the clock client support through web portal to entertain issues on time and keep track of issues resolved. Client set the issue priority and our responsibility to resolve on priority.

Revenue Cycle Management

We are a team of business minded, forward thinking, efficient and analytical people, all what you look for in a Revenue Cycle Management company. We have all the capabilities needed to improve and accelerate your revenue cycle process, so you can achieve higher productivity, faster payments, decreased costs, and improved patient service.

Denial Management

The fact is, denials can happen for a number of reasons, but with a dedicated professional staff using an effective denial management system, insurance denials can be reduced.

Patient billing

E-Med Services features a patient invoicing system that is inclusive of the entire billing process. Our system can send out as many invoices as necessary to collect co-pay and self-paid accounts. We can aggressively, yet courteously, manage the entire billing process, and, when needed, referring the account to collections through a reputable national agency.

Payment Posting

Systematic tracking makes it possible to manage claims payments effectively. We track claims payments, adjustments, and responsible parties. With dedicated staff to enter all EOBs into the tracking system, E-Med Services can expertly handle this task for you. When you are our client, maintaining updated account records is no longer a concern. You also won’t have to worry about posting payments.

Claim Submission

Claims are submitted and tracked electronically for immediate payment, follow up and resolution. Our system do auto claim editing to check claim and issue warning or error before submission to ensure clean claim should go to insurance.

Claims Follow-up

E-Med Services employs a dedicated staff of professionals who complete all aspects of the claim follow-up process, including calling the patients and payers, researching all denials and resolving payment issues. Their primary focus is providing both accurate and prompt collections. Unpaid and disputed medical insurance claims are pursued aggressively.

Measure quality outcomes

Our experienced and dedicated staff will focus their time on important matters, such as your billing, collecting full payment on all submitted claims, increasing payment on underpaid claims, capturing revenue from un-submitted claims and following up on secondary claims. We provide less than 48-hour turnaround from the receipt of data to claims submission for both large and small accounts.